A collection of thoughts, quotes, recipes …things I’m discovering on my journey to refocus and organize this stage of me. A journey to better health.

Thank you for visiting my wee spot in the blog-verse. My “everything” blog is Patchwork Ponderings. My ‘crochet’ blog is Crochet Stitches and Butterfly Kisses. I also share my ponderings on Twitter and Facebook. (if you’d like to wander with me.. welcome.. there are links in my sidebar) I’m also a big fan of collecting ideas via Pinterest. I love seeing what has caught other people’s imagination!

Part of my journey is to move more. I always have a camera with me; even if it’s just my lavender5-profilephone’s camera. So my walks often lead to wandering and collecting photos. Each week I want to show you what I’ve found and would love to see where your journey has taken you. I have a link to my photos on my sidebar. Part of my #WalkWithMeWednesday {starting Wednesday, March 8 2017}   ~ LavendarLadi

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