Be in the photo

Over the past few weeks I’ve been told that I’m inspiring people. ME? It never occurred to me that my journey would inspire anyone else. They’ve been kind enough to say that they’ve rejoined Weight Watchers; that they didn’t quit; that my words encouraged them to try something new.

WOW. I don’t even know what to do with that.

Last week a lady told me she was inspired by my positivity.

That I know what to do with. When you put positive vibes out there you get them back.


So I make a point to share a positive idea (or two) at my meeting.

Recently, one of the members talked about how she didn’t like looking at her before photo or any photo of herself.

My advice to her and everyone else. “Get over it.” or at least “grin and bear it… BE IN THE PHOTO”

Don’t wait until you are at some magical number. Be in the photo with family; with friends today. You see arms/hips/chin. They see Mom/Sister/Friend. You are enough. You don’t need to be thinner/toner to be in the photo. Beauty doesn’t have a weight limit.


#WalkWithMe finding Letters edition

I’m not sure where time has taken me. Apparently, I needed a blog-break!

I previously posted weekly #WalkWithMeWednesday but I found that I’d prefer a more foot-steps-clipart-1open schedule. From now on I’ll post weekly but on a random day. I have enjoyed photos where people find objects that can be interpreted as a letter. While my aim is to gather photos/letters in order I may have to create a “most wanted” list for the more challenging letters! lol


camera-clip-art-with-heart-free-clipart-imagesI’ve seen letter photography achieved in different themes; some have found the letters in natural objects others in architecture. I am going to put off committing to a theme until I start my collection.

What letters do you see as you walk about? Will your collection have a theme?

I’d love to see your photos! Please link back to here so we can share. 🙂  #WalkWithMe #LetterPhotography


The letter O should not be difficult! I think when that week comes I’ll have to look for a unique photo!


#WalkWithMeWednesday – Floral Showcase

I had the pleasure of visiting a few of the Niagara Parks Commission attractions this weekend. We took advantage of their WonderPass … great deal by-the-way. No affiliate links here just passing on some savings. “A penny saved is a penny earned.” ~ B. Franklin

I could spend days taking in the colour and texture; the warmth and peacefulness of the Floral Showcase.

Is there somewhere that you walk that you enjoy over and over?

Floral Showhouse by LavendarLadi.jpg