Kindness Rocks / Painted Rocks

A new project! Creating always makes me happy. I love that I can create something that will bring happiness into someone else’s life.  I can’t wait to share these! I’ll leave some when I go for my walks and perhaps on the beach when we go camping! ~ LavendarLadi


#WalkWithMeWednesday – In the moonlight

Walks in the summer moonlight are refreshing. The air is cooler, your hubby’s hand feels warmer… it’s a lovely walk.


“Just to love! She did not ask to be loved. It was rapture enough just to sit there beside him in silence, alone in the summer night in the white splendor of moonshine, with the wind blowing down on them out of the pine woods.”
― L.M. MontgomeryThe Blue Castle


Do you take night time walks?