#WalkWithMeWednesday – Floral Showcase

I had the pleasure of visiting a few of the Niagara Parks Commission attractions this weekend. We took advantage of their WonderPass … great deal by-the-way. No affiliate links here just passing on some savings. “A penny saved is a penny earned.” ~ B. Franklin

I could spend days taking in the colour and texture; the warmth and peacefulness of the Floral Showcase.

Is there somewhere that you walk that you enjoy over and over?

Floral Showhouse by LavendarLadi.jpg

#WalkWithMeWednesday… in mornings first light

This weeks photo was from a quick roadside walk because the sunrise called to me. I wanted to take more earlier as the light was amazing. The snow and the brush were glistening… sigh but I had to get my son to his co-op on time.

I did enjoy watching it 😉

Sunrise early Feb by LavendarLadi.jpg