When the disclaimer is the only part that fits

I hate lists about anxiety /mental health. There are lists saying if you have all or some of these _ _ _  you have ‘this’. There are lists saying if you do ‘this’ you’ll fix that. Those lists are particularly unhelpful.

But the lists that bother me the most are the ones that have that tiny sentence somewhere saying ‘don’t worry not everyone fits this list’.  LIKE THAT MAKES IT BETTER? I don’t feel like I fit in when I’m with people so not fitting your list is “ok”? I know I’m unique but it stings when you have catchy titles that claim you’ll understand what it’s like for me… when you have lists to tell me that I’m not alone. …. But I don’t fit your lists. I don’t relate to what they’ve experienced. BUT it’s ok not everyone fits this list. BUT it’s ok you can still have anxiety problems if you don’t relate.

I get caught up in lists that offer help because I use lists to help me cope with the swirling noise of “what ifs” that surround me.

But those lists offering ‘answers’ just add to the noise in my head.


What do I do when I know I’m anxious about everything but I don’t fit into your list or look like the examples you’ve researched?

I’ll tell you what. I decide what is important enough. Then I take a deep breath. Make a few plans and get on with it. I don’t need to fit into your lists to get on with ‘stuff’.

Stop with the trendy flashy headlines. I really should stop reading them. They’re like that car crash on the highway, except I’m not looking at the crash… I’m looking at the first responders…hoping I’ll see how to feel better more often.

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To Be An Introvert

I find that reading about your personality type gives you insights into your strengths and LavendarLadi signature photoneeds. I found these articles touched on aspects that I’ve found in other articles about introverts. I often find that you can hear something many times but until you hear it at the right time with the right words it doesn’t catch your attention. Which is why I’m linking these articles…  LavendarLadi

What It Means To Be An INFJ Female ~ by PERSONALITY GROWTH


INFJs are known to be very rare individuals, who certainly stand out as different from the “norm” – by PERSONALITY GROWTH

Good things are ahead by Just Breathe and Be Thankful.wordpress.com

I believe in my kids, in my husband and my family.

I have to believe in me too.


INFJs will often believe very strongly in the people they love, being capable of seeing the very best that they have to offer. This ability can often force the people around them to become the best versions of themselves. It is an amazing gift, but one that they often struggle to give to themselves. – by PERSONALITY GROWTH


The highest goal for INFJ parents is for their child’s choices and beliefs to culminate in a cause that they are able to act on, contributing to the world around them. – 16Personalities.com 

INFJ PERSONALITY (“THE ADVOCATE”) ~ 16Personalities.com

People with this personality type are likely to exhaust themselves in short order if they don’t find a way to balance their ideals with the realities of day-to-day living. – 16Personalities.com INFJ Strengths and Weeknesses

I remind myself of my tendency to not take the time to recharge so that I do take the time to recharge. If I don’t have the energy how can I help?

What serves as your check and balance from understanding your personality.lavender5-profile

Waking up the menu.

I’m a creature of habit. That includes my meals. While it makes grocery shopping easier it doesn’t help (in the long run) my weight loss journey. Having the same meals week after week leads to a plateau.

So I have to force myself to find new meals that I’ll make. I have to like the food, it has to be easy to make and easy on the budget. I’ll often such Pinterest for ideas, then takes those and make them my own.

I found an idea for jalapeno turkey burgers and turned it into ‘salsa burgers’. Next time we make them I’ll try noting the measurements. (We make them by ‘feel’)

Turkey / Salsa Burger Recipe Directions Suggestions

Package of ground turkey /  enough chunky salsa until it moist / bread crumbs until it sticks together – form into palm-sized patties (do not over knead)

Place on parchment paper then place them in the freezer for an hour. {They freeze well… after an hour to ‘set’ the burger take them out and wrap them properly for a longer time in the freezer.}

Pan fry in a non-stick pan with a tablespoon of olive oil.   We like to serve them with no bun and a side of roasted vegies.

Three Things Thursday – Determination, Relaxation, and Love.


1. Determination of a bee

I love watching the bees. The determination to gather as much pollen as possible even from the tiny flowers that won’t hold their weight.








2. Sleeping in the laundry

My cat’s favourite place to nap is in the freshly done laundry. Especially the basket of sheets and blankets.

Her level of relaxation always makes me smile. And as she knows…it also keeps me from moving her 😉







3. Happy Father’s Day

My hubby’s birthday and Father’s Day fall on the same weekend. So our kids thought that this message on the cake they made said it all. 😀  I’m impressed that they both got up early on a weekend to bake this! That alone says how much they love their Dad 🙂



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