An Instagram post inspired me. #NSV = non-scale victory It’s a term used when on a weight loss journey. It means to take a look at all the good things happening either because of eating healthier/moving more and/or moments that happen with a positive mindset. The mindset that propels you along your journey. These daily […]

Be in the photo

Over the past few weeks I’ve been told that I’m inspiring people. ME? It never occurred to me that my journey would inspire anyone else. They’ve been kind enough to say that they’ve rejoined Weight Watchers; that they didn’t quit; that my words encouraged them to try something new. WOW. I don’t even know what […]

2018 ~ Inspiration from Alice

    The last few weeks of 2017 I was focused on reaching a certain number on my scale. I wanted to be done the first 3/4 of my weight loss journey. Last night I had one of those “ahHA” moments. I can’t focus on what I’ve done. I’m not that person anymore. 2018 has […]