Be in the photo

Over the past few weeks I’ve been told that I’m inspiring people. ME? It never occurred to me that my journey would inspire anyone else. They’ve been kind enough to say that they’ve rejoined Weight Watchers; that they didn’t quit; that my words encouraged them to try something new.

WOW. I don’t even know what to do with that.

Last week a lady told me she was inspired by my positivity.

That I know what to do with. When you put positive vibes out there you get them back.


So I make a point to share a positive idea (or two) at my meeting.

Recently, one of the members talked about how she didn’t like looking at her before photo or any photo of herself.

My advice to her and everyone else. “Get over it.” or at least “grin and bear it… BE IN THE PHOTO”

Don’t wait until you are at some magical number. Be in the photo with family; with friends today. You see arms/hips/chin. They see Mom/Sister/Friend. You are enough. You don’t need to be thinner/toner to be in the photo. Beauty doesn’t have a weight limit.


What are your thoughts?

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