#WalkWithMeWednesday ~ Morning Sunbeams

There was a short downpour that morning while I was driving. I normally would head straight home but with the sky distracting me I had to stop and enjoy a short walk.

sunbeams  Just Breathe and Be Thankful.jpg

I love sharing what I saw on my walks each week! Where did your walk take you?

Come along and #WalkWithMeWednesday.



The most cutting-edge research on the nature-health link is happening in Japan, where scientists are measuring the physical effects of “forest bathing.” One study found that people’s blood pressure, resting heart rate, and levels of cortisol (a stress hormone) were all significantly lower after a 15-minute nature walk compared with a 15-minute city walk. Another experiment found a 37 percent spike in the number of women’s natural killer cells—the backbone of the immune system—after they spent a few hours in the woods. (source: Woman’s Health)


What are your thoughts?

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