To Be An Introvert

I find that reading about your personality type gives you insights into your strengths and LavendarLadi signature photoneeds. I found these articles touched on aspects that I’ve found in other articles about introverts. I often find that you can hear something many times but until you hear it at the right time with the right words it doesn’t catch your attention. Which is why I’m linking these articles…  LavendarLadi

What It Means To Be An INFJ Female ~ by PERSONALITY GROWTH

INFJs are known to be very rare individuals, who certainly stand out as different from the “norm” – by PERSONALITY GROWTH

Good things are ahead by Just Breathe and Be

I believe in my kids, in my husband and my family.

I have to believe in me too.


INFJs will often believe very strongly in the people they love, being capable of seeing the very best that they have to offer. This ability can often force the people around them to become the best versions of themselves. It is an amazing gift, but one that they often struggle to give to themselves. – by PERSONALITY GROWTH


The highest goal for INFJ parents is for their child’s choices and beliefs to culminate in a cause that they are able to act on, contributing to the world around them. – 


People with this personality type are likely to exhaust themselves in short order if they don’t find a way to balance their ideals with the realities of day-to-day living. – INFJ Strengths and Weeknesses

I remind myself of my tendency to not take the time to recharge so that I do take the time to recharge. If I don’t have the energy how can I help?

What serves as your check and balance from understanding your personality.lavender5-profile


What are your thoughts?

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