Waking up the menu.

I’m a creature of habit. That includes my meals. While it makes grocery shopping easier it doesn’t help (in the long run) my weight loss journey. Having the same meals week after week leads to a plateau.

So I have to force myself to find new meals that I’ll make. I have to like the food, it has to be easy to make and easy on the budget. I’ll often such Pinterest for ideas, then takes those and make them my own.

I found an idea for jalapeno turkey burgers and turned it into ‘salsa burgers’. Next time we make them I’ll try noting the measurements. (We make them by ‘feel’)

Turkey / Salsa Burger Recipe Directions Suggestions

Package of ground turkey /  enough chunky salsa until it moist / bread crumbs until it sticks together – form into palm-sized patties (do not over knead)

Place on parchment paper then place them in the freezer for an hour. {They freeze well… after an hour to ‘set’ the burger take them out and wrap them properly for a longer time in the freezer.}

Pan fry in a non-stick pan with a tablespoon of olive oil.   We like to serve them with no bun and a side of roasted vegies.


What are your thoughts?

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