Three Things Thursday ~ Fuzzy, Shy and Aaachoo

1. Canada Goose Family. Little fuzzy goslings make everyone smile.


2. An extra wet spring brought lots of my “shy” flowers out. {Jack in the pulpit}


3. A visit to the Niagara Parks Commission’s lilac garden. A bonus for me was they were just starting to bloom and it was windy. I love lilac’s but I can’t breath when they’re around!



Thank you to There She Goes for hosting Three Things Thursday

What is it?
Three Things Thursday was created by Emily at Nerd in the Brain and is hosted by Natalie atThere She Goes.

Three Things Thursday is quite simply a list of three things that have made you happy this week. Your three things can be big or small, anything that makes you laugh or brightens your day!

Thursday isn’t a good day for me!
Your entries don’t have to be written on a Thursday if it’s not convenient for you, the link up will be active for an entire week so you can submit your posts at any point during the week.


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