Walking Benefits … What I found so far.

Over the past couple months, I’ve shared a regular #WalkWithMeWednesday photo. I often find that the photos I share are more than just pretty moments; they’re inspiring moments for me. Walking definitely has helped improve my mindset. Being outside and moving is my favorite “new” thing that I’ve done for me this year.

I started walking to help my weight loss journey. I expected the physical benefits (moving my daughter out of her dorm didn’t knock the wind out of me!!!). What I didn’t plan on was the boost to how I feel.

Among the many physical benefits of walking, there are many benefits for our mental health.

7. Your other goals will start to seem more reachable.
When you become a regular walker, you will have established a regular routine—and when you have a routine, you are more likely to continue with the activity and take on new healthy behaviors. “I firmly believe that walking regularly can help you to accomplish other goals you set your mind to,” says Kim Evans, a personal trainer and daily walker.

~ 7 Incredible Results You’ll Get from Walking ~ Prevention (http://www.prevention.comNOVEMBER 3, 2015

Over the past few months, I was working through a weight loss plateau but my clothes were feeling bigger and I was ok with the challenge of getting past the plateau. I know that my daily walks along with attending my weekly Weight Watchers meetings enabled my ‘I can do this’ mindset.

Not only does my weight loss journey feel more ‘do-able’ but my goals of organizing my house, my work space and me, feel more do-able.

Overall I feel calmer about the wavy line to better health.




credit: thefrizzkid.tumbler

I realized this week that I’m at a stage where I don’t walk when I can fit it in; I work my schedule around to ensure I get my walks in. And I’m now looking to change up/ add to my walking.

Like my walks, I’ll see where this takes me.

Where do your walks take you? I’d love to see. Kindly link or comment on my weekly #WalkWithMeWednesday posts.

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