Finally! Hit my first goal for 2017

Wow. It has been a bumpy road getting here. It took me some readjusting of what I ate over the past three months to get past the plateau.

The beginning of January marked the start of year two in my weight loss journey. I decided that I had a full year under my belt with just eating better now I needed to move more.  I also knew that I had an event in April that I wanted to look my very best for. So I started walking.

I walked a couple days a week for 30 minutes each time and worked up. I now walk 5 or 6 days a week for 30ish minutes. I wear a step counter and I am getting more days at or near 10,000 steps! I walk faster and feel much better for it!




My problem was the scale. It was tip-toeing down when it did move. I changed what I ate since I had fallen into such a routine. (hey, I knew the points for everything so it was easy) Then I tried not eating all my weekly points. Then I added more protein to my daily menu. And then I added more fiber (salad/blueberries etc) And THEN I started eating all my points plus a few of my activity points. [By now I’m up to 45 activity points a week.]


And voila! I finally went down!! LOL but I was 0.4lbs away from having my first 50lbs gone. I was so motivated to stay on the program over Easter weekend. Nothing would taste as good as seeing my 50lbs charm!!!!

To my delight, I made it and started on my next 50lbs 🙂 20170418_191217

I felt fabulous at the event. It was a good feeling to be thinking about the people I was with and not thinking about how big I felt.

It was also pretty great to not feel like I was missing something when I turned down the bread basket and the desert. I was planning on eating the desert but one nibble told me it wasn’t yummy enough to waste spend points on.

I’m feeling good about taking care of me.

What have you done to take care of you? Walk? Read a book? Enjoyed a soak in the tub? You deserve it. Take time to Just Breathe and Be Thankful. 

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