#WalkWithMeWednesday ~ Found Spring again


What a difference a week makes! Last Tuesday we were shoveling in the snowstorm. My part of Ontario received about 40 cm of snow over two days. Most of it arrived in one 24hrs period.

Yesterday’s walk was warm (and a little wet from the melting snow) and full of blue skies! The pussy willows were much happier dancing in the breeze and sunshine.


Where did your walk take you this week?



Moving more; walking more is part of my journey to a healthier me!
Each week I’m going to share a photo from one (or two) of my walks for the week!

I’d love to see where your walks have taken you. Kindly link your post or just comment here. Remember to tag your post with #WalkWithMeWednesday. I link my posts on Twitter also, if you’d rather share there. @LavendarLadi #WalkWithMeWednesday


One thought on “#WalkWithMeWednesday ~ Found Spring again

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