#WalkWithMeWednesday ~ Winter showed up

In our little corner of Ontario, the winter snow and such have mostly passed north of us. I do enjoy a few months of snow. The past few years it’s snowed then melted, then snowed then melted and so on. I enjoy a few solid months of snow. Having said that, it is now well into March. I feel that since winter didn’t really come earlier this year that it has missed its opportunity. We’re moving on. Crocus’ have popped up, the robins are busy looking for worms and the bushes are starting to bud. We’re ready for spring.

Well.. the other day it was very very windy and then the cold returned followed by a ground cover of snow.

This week’s walk has some of that snow covering a tiny vineyard that I regularly walk past.


Where has your walk taken you? I’d love for you to link your walk here or even share on Twitter @lavendarladi  #WalkWithMeWednesday


One thought on “#WalkWithMeWednesday ~ Winter showed up

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