Celebrate steps in the right direction!

Weight wise this year has been off to a slow start for me but it’s in the right direction. I’m 45rpmdown 3 of the 5 that I aimed for but I’ll take it. It feels really good to hit the -45 lbs mark!!!

This week I walked twice, once for an hour and once for 30 minutes AND I finally did a yoga practice. Years ago I enjoyed the Yoga for Dummies video so I’m trying doing that again. I’m also slowly working in an arm/shoulder 5-minute toning routine. I did something bad to my one shoulder last summer and I’m not eager to reinjure that. Right now I’ll be doing the toning exercise every third day with the goal of it being every day.

My next goal; my goal for February, is to get my -50 lbs charm! It will make my half way point in this journey. #JustWatchMe


What are your thoughts?

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