Shift your Mindset

A year ago this week I went back to Weight Watchers.
After my son was born (years ago) I lost my weight with Weight Watchers but a series of events shifted my focus away from me. Then I didn’t really get it back until last year. A year ago this week I drove to my first meeting in years. I sat in the parking lot for a while. I was nervous and feeling embarrassed about my weight. Then and there I promised myself. I will go inside. I will go to record my weight especially on those weeks that I feel bad about myself.
I’m so happy that I did. Through determination and with the support of the people at my meeting I reached my first person major goal. My weight to start with a 1 !!
home-scaleFunny thing is today I still feel some of that nervousness.
I’m a firm believer that life and special occasions are worth more than a number or two on any scale. So I’m ok with what I’m sure is going to be a ‘gain’ this week. Yet I can’t keep that little voice in the back from whispering… you’ve lost that goal of your weight starting with a 1.
Which is why reading this post by Weight Watchers was a good reminder. Especially the reminder to treat myself with kindness.

Shift your Mindset
When you think differently, you act differently
Approaching weight loss from a healthy and self-compassionate mindset can help make the journey a meaningful one, and the results lasting.
 Enjoy some “me time” each day; some time to Just Breathe and Be Thankful. ~ LavendarLadi

Note: This is a personal blog. For any information about Weight Watchers or their program please contact them directly.

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